Baydoun Creation Sdn Bhd 


Baydoun handmade art is a Syrian company originality located in Syria then shifts to Malaysia. Baydoun handmade art registered in Malaysia as Baydoun Creation Sdn Bhd. Baydoun as a name comes from a name of family which is one of the few families that inherited the profession of ‘Ajami art.
While Damascene art is the art which comes from the capital of Syria Damascus. Baydoun Creation Sdn Bhd is produced by artists and craftsmen who are always pieces of art that complement our clients tastes and needs for expression.
whether it is a 100 meters high wall or 3-meter door, our designs bring out the aesthetic value of the building, we only believe in producing valuable art for our clients because we can add the ancient taste according to their order.
All our art is handmade and detailed by experts in different types, we pay extra attention to the local surroundings when the artisan creates his masterpieces. Therefore, our designs are regarded as a unique and will never be repeated. This is how serious our company take each piece of work because the company’s mission is to put our minds, hearts, body and soul into.
From paintings, feature walls, murals. doors. window frames pillar decorations, ceiling art, furniture to gifts we display perfect artistic combinations of design, material and craftsmanship
At Damascene Art Sdn Bhd, we aim for our work to attract attention and turn heads and be a positive talking point for all our clients.
only our imagination can match our passion to produce the most unique art that is a handmade art from Damascus Syria this is why we are Damascene Art Sdn Bhd.
Our experts have vast experience in restoration work. interior design. special commissioned artwork and premium gifts all these services are provided in both traditional and modern art themes.

  • DRAWING 100
  • DESIGN 90
  • ANTIQUE 100