The CEO of Baydoun Handmade art:

Ar. Ziad Baydoun was born in 1987 in the city of Damascus and he is originally from Idlib Kafr Takharim (Syria). After completing high school in Jumaat Khasan Kafr Takharim High School in the 1999s, He started doing his degree with Interior Design at Damascus university, Syria after he graduated with an great marks in 2010 and he works for two years as free lancer as Interior designer filed. Also he joined his father for cretin very big restoration projects.

In 2012 he moved to Malaysia to continue his Master degree and also to work with one of the biggest companies in Malaysia to hone his artistic talents in the 3D designs and Arabic Cultural which specializes in the intricate and Syrian traditional ‘Ajami art.

He was done his Master at International Islamic university Malaysia IIUM in 2016 and after that he open his own business which is this respected company Damascene art Sdn Bhd which is similer to his father company in Syria which was baydoun art.

Mr Ziad was from the first people who had done a Master research talking about the technique of ‘Ajami handmade art through the Syrian master artisan and also he had done many publications related to his topic.

Now Ar. Ziad is doing his PHD in architecture at IIUM university and continuing his dreams to flush the Islamic handmade art every wear in the world o follow his father Mr Abdulraouf by achieving his goals.

Mr Ziad becomes quite famous in Malaysia while he was show up in meny Tv channels such as Bernama TV, TV1 and TV3, also there was about 5 times news papers talking about him and his family talent.